The Marketing Mate is a Scottish Web Design & Funnel Marketing specialist helping businesses across the country to get more value from their marketing strategies. With LOUD MARKETING, clients can get more visitors, more leads & more customers for less money.

Web design & marketing services are no-nonsense with The Marketing Mate. We have the courage to be different from our competitors, without compromising quality or results. Our expert process starts with what you need, focuses on how we can do better, and ends with your business feeling empowered to reach your goals. 

We have you covered. Don’t suffer the agony of a budget website or a teetering marketing strategy. Tell us your objectives, and let’s have an honest conversation about how we achieve them together. 

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Web Design

Can we be honest? We love building valuable websites, and we’re good at it too. 

Our aim isn’t to win prizes, it’s to win you more sales. Every design is made for you, and our kick-ass content will help our engaging marketing strategies succeed. 

Google doesn’t want people coming back to its’ search results, so we’ll give your visitors an experience they can’t take their eyes off.

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We know the brutal outcomes that come after a weak & boring marketing strategy. That’s why we focused on the benefit of a marketing funnel. 

Not only do we fill your funnel with valuable content that converts, we’ll teach you how to monitor it so you can feel empowered that your business is heading in the right direction, with a reliable strategy. 

Or, let us manage your marketing strategy for you.

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An attractive, digital-ready brand is vital to claim trust and authority from visitors.

We understand the fear that goes into letting someone else design your logo & brand. Our straight forward process gives you all-access to the future of your brand, delivering a bold and jaw-dropping new look for your business. 

We don’t just design logos, we create striking brands that stay in the mind of your visitors.



Competition is fiercer than ever. Marketing is far from simple, but a painless strategy should focus on patterns and manageable processes that help business owners feel confident in their sales strategy. We base our entire process on three clear principles:

  • Share your value.

There has never been a successful secret, so understand what makes you notably valuable and share it for free. 

  • Always be disruptive.

If someone can define you, then you can be generalised. Do something different to stand out. Copying successful people makes you boring.

  • Give without expectation.

We are all affected by the principle of reciprocity. If you are given value without the expectation of anything in return, you will be inclined to give something back. Sensational marketing should be honest, genuine & valuable.  



The Marketing Mate’s first aim is to understand your business, and understand your goals. An employee can’t work for you 24/7, but a website can. 

Our comprehensive research process looks at what your competitors do, what you need to do, and how we do it better. Creating intriguing content & design isn’t reinventing the wheel; it’s making a fearless brand that attracts.



We’ve learned how to conquer the competition, now we create a knockout design. 

Your bespoke design is created alongside the content. It must tie in together, flowing in the direction that converts your visitor to a customer. 

Our diary is limited to ensure we’re not rushing projects. SMART objectives deserve smart processes. 



It’s important for us to ensure your website works – that means no broken links, dead buttons or low quality images. 

Our professional standards are verified by internal testers, who will test your site to breaking point – and let us know if it broke, to fix it.

Don’t worry, because if we do miss something, you’re covered with our support package; even if it was you that broke it.



The Marketing Mate ensures a dependable, no risk service by partnering with reliable, proven partners. In December 2020, we partnered with Suki Marketing. This enables us to bundle our web design & marketing services with elite content marketing.

Suzie’s successful social media agency has already provided much needed guidance for our projects to date.

Our content & marketing strategies combined will make scaling your business a piece of cake. This unbeatable formula has racked up five-star reviews for Suki Marketing & The Marketing Mate to date. We know the ingredients for a tantalizing online marketing strategy, and if you hit the button below, we’ll help you deliver one!