Mohawk Tattoo Studio

Stunning Portfolio Design

The team at Mohawk Tattoo Studio took time during the COVID-19 Lockdown to refresh their target market. They needed a website that was stunning yet showcased their amazing work. So, I worked with them to design this amazingly beautiful design

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What was the aim?

The team needed a place to showcase their gallery, alongside answer as many of the frequently asked questions that they receive. 

How did I help?

I took inspiration from their previous website and modernised it. Each page has its own theme, whilst the structure of the website stays constant. 

There’s a massive push for local SEO given the service this business provides. I also helped improve the server side of things, as the website desperately needed updates and optimisations to run smoother. 

The objective of this website is to showcase the work these amazing artists provide, so it everything drives the audience there. 

Does your business deserve a website like this?

It’s important to me to design a website that helps your business meet its objectives. Not only do I build your website, but I spend time with you (via video chat) to teach you how to maintain the site. I’m also behind the scenes, maintaining and updating your website so you don’t have to – and if anything goes wrong, I’m there to help. 

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