Central Scotland Glaziers

Rebrand, marketing, web design & brochure creation

We have worked with Central Scotland Glaziers to update their brand, from developing their logo to redesigning a poorly constructed website. Not to mention our impressive ROI from the marketing campaign we ran with them. Check out their website here

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What was the aim?

Central Scotland Glaziers understood the importance of coming out of the pandemic strongly, and they partnered with us to develop a strong marketing strategy. As we worked together, I helped them understand the importance of a consistent brand that led to us taking on a whole new design for them.

How did I help?

This website is focused on local SEO; whilst this is a national service, it was important to build upon his local reputation. 

I realised a lot of Flo’s contacts came from his audience on Facebook. I didn’t want to make this more complicated, so I integrated Facebook chat into the site. This meant it was simple for Flo, but a seamless journey for his customers. They can continue their chat with him, without needing to hang around on his website.

Every page has the same CALL TO ACTION. Flo needs customers to contact them with their bespoke requirements, and so his website drives people to do that. We discussed having a shop, but since Flo’s objective is to grow his custom label and signage printing, I explained the importance of keeping one main focus.

This was the perfect fit for Flo’s business. Remember, Google’s main page offers two actions – search & search. Of course, they provide other services, but they’re pushing their main one where they can. 

Does your business deserve a website like this?

It’s important to me to design a website that helps your business meet its objectives. Not only do I build your website, but I spend time with you (via video chat) to teach you how to maintain the site. I’m also behind the scenes, maintaining and updating your website so you don’t have to – and if anything goes wrong, I’m there to help. 

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