The surprising truth about creating valuable content marketing.

A content marketing plan can be the key difference to your business finding more customers. A strategy that delivers actionable value to your customers will find remarkable success, providing you are able to put it in front of the people it will benefit. Here are my tips to creating, implementing and succeeding with content marketing.

What is content marketing in digital marketing?

It is a form of marketing that does not explicitly promote your business but provides value related to a service or product to stimulate interest from your audience to become customers.

Why use content marketing?

People have virtually unlimited options when it comes to buying any product or service. Content marketing can build trust and relationships, but it can also educate your audience to make an informed decision when they make their purchase.

Quality content will not establish your authority on your subject matter, but it will help raise your SEO success providing you integrate your keyword research into a valuable resource. This is because people will choose to share something they found useful, which increases the number of links to your site which makes Google believe you are worth being “searched for”.

Remember – whilst social media will try to hook your attention, search engines desire to give you what you need as quickly as possible.

How to find topics for your blog posts.

Try to abide by these powerful rules:

1. The topic must be relevant to a service or product – though the link does not need to be specific.
2. It doesn’t need to be a fresh topic – you can develop previous posts, or discuss your latest learning.
3. Avoid topics that are out of date – you need content people want at the time & in future.

A lot of “trending topic” websites tend to be extremely expensive, so I don’t recommend paying for them ever. Try these astonishing alternatives:

Reddit – Explore sub-reddits for hot topics, or use their search function if you’re unfamiliar with the site. You can filter by hot topic and the time frame which helps keep your topics contemporary. Reddit is a brilliant way of monitoring what is hot in the world, though you may find by the time it’s found its way onto here, it’s already a popular topic.

Exploding Topics – This website allows you to discover trends before they become popular. It tracks search volume to find “exploding topics”. As I write this, ‘van life’ is surging. This is a movement where people live in custom-outfitted vehicles. If you are a van dealer, this could make for a phenomenal article on the benefits of doing this. However, you can’t narrow down exploding topics for your niche. You need to use what they give you.

Indie Hacker – I use this tool to find out what people running small business are talking about. One of the top posts currently is about Newspaper Glue; a plugin that emails your blog when it goes live on WordPress. This is a tremendous time saver, and one you might wish to show off on your marketing business blog! Since it’s smaller than Reddit, you may find topics before they get hot.

Chartr – They describe themselves as a fresh insight into business, technology, insight and politics. For me, the benefit lies in the ability to quickly see trends and data that are important to what you may be talking about. Statistics add authority, but they can be difficult to digest. Check out their presentation of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel – cool, right? There’s slender data on there at the moment, but I don’t believe you will wait too much longer for quality data you can use.

There are other well known places like Buzz Sumo, or Social Animal, but I chose not to include them as they have high subscription fees. Social Animal does offer a free trial, that you may wish to use, but they’re not free like the options above. You can also use Ask The Public, but I’d be lying if I told you I’d ever worked out how to get value from the information it provides!

How to write good content for your blog post.

Ok, this is an extremely short, but powerful section. I’m giving one suggestion, but it’s worth it.

Content Row – I love their writer tool. Though it’s in beta, it’s an incredible way of monitoring the length, complexity and sentiment of your blog. It also highlights any ‘boring’ words you use, offering alternatives.

It also offers a headline generator, scoring your title out of 100. The headline of this article scored 95 out of 100 due to its clickbait nature. I don’t believe in clickbait, unless it’s done in satire of itself – like my title. There is no, “YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW THIS PERSON MAKES MILLIONS ON MARKETING!” If anything, it’s quite the opposite.

I truly believe my copy writing has improved on the back of using this app. Plus, the premium version is around £6 and offers some neat features.

How to make valuable content from your blog post.

You should have an absorbing blog now you have searched for current content and written in an eye-catching way.

You should have an absorbing blog now you have searched for current content and written in an eye-catching way.

The fascinating thing about blogs is they can be versatile. Try this:

1. Record a video summarising your blog for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram TV.
2. Divide your video into sections for IG Reels and TikTok.
3. Strip the audio for a podcast.
4. Transcribe your content for TikTok and Reels to make Instagram and Facebook content.
5. Create a pin and upload it to Pinterest, making sure it links to your blog!

If you can create one blog per week, this gives you an enormous amount of content to spread over all your social media with extremely minor effort. By repeating this, you can schedule an entire month of content with no work!

Making a content strategy is easy.

The difficulty exists in being consistent. Creating one viral piece of content is worthless if you don’t have the content marketing strategy to back it up.

You should know who you will read your content (if you don’t, look out for my blog coming soon!) so it’s utterly a matter of feeding what they need.

You would never put petrol in your diesel car, so don’t give your audience something that won’t combust in their heads.